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Create a mini course that adds buyers to your list every day and allows you to enroll them into your premium offers.

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Discover the frameworks and strategies I use to test, optimize and scale Facebook Ads with ease.

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Simplify selling with our all-in-one platform, combining hosting, sales, and marketing for your course at a fraction of the cost.

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My name is Tomasz Babiec and I started my journey in digital marketing in 2016.

After freelancing for the first few years, I built my own team and since then, I've worked on and consulted on dozens of marketing campaigns.

Since 2020, my team and I have driven over $30 million in online sales, mostly selling education products and courses.

I put everything I learned into my courses, so you too can learn from my trial-and-error and all the mistakes I made and benefit from all the time and effort that has gone into it.

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